Tangent Universe

Since the early web I have enjoyed browsing peoples websites. Never before were you able to view in the lives of the average (technical) person - the hobbies, interests and opinions that lie beneath the sucrose of everyday life.

From the technical perspective as a coder and tinkerer it's saved my sanity on many occasions - finding a guide on how to set something up, or configuration parameters for rates bits of kit. A lot of the open source movement moved this way - with entire projects resting on the shoulders of individuals who quietly worked something out and shared it silently with the world.

So, at the start of 2023 I decided I should share too - not because I feel like I have something great and profound to share, but because the web is made up of the sum of its parts. Sometimes the most prosaic or mundane site can be helpful, or enriching to the lives of others in a way far beyond what the creator can imagine.


  1. Technical

    A collection of all things technical - so how-to guides, reference material or other generally technical stuff